Love Energy Fuel Services, Inc. is 100% family-owned and operated. Lovenergy fuel services started in 2003 in Abington, Pennsylvania and now located in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.  Our service area includes the counties of Montgomery, Bucks, Philadelphia and Delaware Valley area with the quality service customers have come to rely on. We are a small company doing big things here at lovenergy. We genuinely care about our customers: we get to know your family and that helps us to fully understand your heating oil needs. We pride ourselves on running an efficient operation, thus keeping the costs to our customers to a minimum.

Our full in-house service department ensures that only our trained technicians will be working for you – we won’t put your comfort or well-being in anyone else’s hands.

Call today and learn more about why Love Energy Fuel Services Inc. should be your first choice for all of your heating needs.

What it takes to provide good customer service when it comes to delivering fuel…

  • Make sure your customers’ needs are a top priority. Don’t ever treat them like you are doing them a favor. They must see that you genuinely care about them and show them due respect.
  • Fill their need for fast service at a good price. This will keep your customers happy and they will stay loyal to you. Offer them value by being willing to go the extra mile to take care of their needs.
  • You don’t need complicated contracts and agreements to lock in and tie customers to you. “Will call” customers don’t sign contracts because they like the freedom to call who they want, anytime they need to, which is not the preference for most heating oil companies. But I have found that “will call” customers will continue to do business with you for years, as long as you provide fast friendly service at the right price! 
  • Customers want to be treated courteously. It’s a shame that what use to be a rule is now rare. Being courteous and friendly is an important part of customer service that you can’t overlook. Customers appreciate the efforts made to connect with them in this way. 
  • By being dependable and trustworthy some of my customers think of me as a friend. This is the ultimate goal I would like to have with every customer.